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WYVT-DB Weekly Broadcast Schedule Monday ---Jazz, Blues & Talk 6pm-10pm Tuesday--- Lectures Wednesday---Lectures Thursday---Lectures and random music 10am - 10pm Friday ---All Day Music--10am -10pm Saturday--- Early Lectures, 10am, music & announcements 10pm Sunday-- 12n Inspirational music- 3pm Lectures & Music 7pm Sunday--50,60,70,80 Old School Music - 7pm -10pm
Download the “LIVE 365” app from the Apple or Google Play stores, and search ---WYVT which will bring you into the Live broadcast. We are looking forward to you tuning in.
On occasions we may adjust our programming schedule to accommodate a special broadcast. Thank You joining us.
“A race without authority and power, is a race without respect” Marcus Mosiah Garvey
“We’re the only people on this entire planet who have been taught to sing and praise our demeanment. “ I’m a bitch. I’m a hoe. I’m a gangster. I’m a thug, I’m a dog,” If you can train people to demean and degrade themselves, you can oppress them forever. You can even program them to kill themselves and they won’t even understand what happened.” Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
Thank you for your visit to WYVT-DB, the internet radio station broadcasting LIVE in Wilmington, Delaware. Unlike terrestrial radio (AM/FM); internet radio is worldwide! You can access on your phone or computer from wherever you are at. You can download the “LIVE365” app and search WYVT to access; or you can click on the logo up top and take to right to the broadcast. We host lectures, community news and talk on community matters and concerns. If we are not on the air, please try back later. Please see the broadcast schedule below. Thank you for tuning in. B1
WYVT-DB Weekly Broadcast Schedule Monday ---Jazz, Blues & Talk 6-10pm Thursday---Lectures and random music 10am -10pm Friday ---All Day Music 10am - 10pm Saturday-- Early Lectures, 10am music and annoncement 10pm Sunday--12n Inspirational music,3pm Lectures & Music Sunday---50,60,70,80 Old School Music 7-10pm