It is coming up on that time to choose a new leader for the 2nd State Representative District. New ideas, new agenda ; Looking back what has been done for the district and what has not been done is the question. Take a look at James Taylor, he can be that much needed change. Jame Taylor for 2nd District State Representative
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108th City Council
1st District
Linda Gray
2nd District
Shane’ Darby
3rd District
Zanthia Oliver
4th District
Michelle Harlee
mhharlee@wilmingtonde.go v
5th District
Bregetta Fields
bregettafields2020@gmail.c om
6th District
Yolanda McCoy
ymmccoy@wilmingtonde.go v
7th District
Chris Johnson
christofer.johnson9@gmail. com
8th District
Nathan Field
AT Large
Rysheema J Dixon
AT Large
Loretta Walsh
AT Large
Maria Cabrera
AT Large
James Spadola
We elect government officials to protect us. But they make deals with corporations that produce and manufacture products that hurt us!
Take a real good look at this map, then picture the locations

There needs to be some serious

realigning district seats come 2024.

Any elected representative not

hearing or communicating with

their constituents, should be gone.

The African-American/Black/Negro

or other cannot afford NOT to be

represented for Our vote. I hope we

are paying attention NOW!

NOW is the time to start paying attention to whoever plans to run in the 2022 election State Representatives is a two(2) year seat- the 2nd Representative District is one of those seats. IT IS PASS TIME FOR A CHANGE FOR THAT SEAT (Rep Stephanie T. Bolden) and the 2024 elections will be from Govenor, County Council, Mayor, All of the 8 city council and the 4 At-Larges, City Treasurer etc. More of a listing is coming. Please folks PAY ATTENTION. Registered INDEPENDENTS as I am, cannot vote in the primary so in order to have opportunity to have whoever you want go forward to the general election; You will need to switch your registration prior to the end date, I will have that information posted here. After the primary election then you can switch back to Independent. More to be added…

The City of Wilmington

Redistricting is in

progress with Map 3 the

favorite & Map 9 under

consideration. See All

Details here

In 1975 Gil Scott Heron sang in his Winter In America LP H2O Blues, Watergate; “ If it is true and who we got in office did’nt win; let’s do the whole godamn election all over again”