A unified functional civic association requires sacrifice and committment;

it requires You & I


Our Mission Statement

Vandever Avenue Civic Association(Committee) was formed in 1956 to serve the common needs of our community. We were incorporated in the State of Delaware in 1974; as a not for profit community organization. Officers and committee members are not compensated for their time; all of our efforts are expended on a volunteer basis. The Mission of The Vandever Avenue Civic Association is to preserve the quality of our neighborhood; second, to keep the community informed on those issues that impact us; and third, to be an advocate for the community’s position on those issues with our city and state Government.
 It is our intent to educate and communicate with residences of the local regulations that apply to our neighborhood and supports community organizations to include the PTA, neighborhood schools and the Boy & Girls Club.  It is also our intent to operate an active Neighborhood Watch program and to assist local law enforcement to protect our community, our property and maintain a quality way of life.


Our goal is to keep the community informed:
Monitors local Government activity to learn about issues that pertain to us
Conducts monthly General Meetings with informative speakers
Operates a community web site
Sponsors the annual VACA Community Clean-Up Day


To advocate for the community the VACA:
Maintains an active relationship with local and state Government
Coordinates with Government to resolve zoning, traffic, and home & business violations
Participates on Government task forces that address the issues that concern us
Coordinates with other citizen associations on common issues
Informs our elected officials of the community’s position on the issues


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call us for more information call 302-571-1196 v/m

or email us at vandeveraveca@comcast.net

It is your Association

It is Your Community

It is where You live......

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the World.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Look forward to seeing you there.

Peace and Blessings

Jaehn Dennis, President